Session Attendees

Attending: 98

Pam Kraus's picture
Pam Kraus
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Tamara Allen
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Loretta Anders
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Kate Anderson
Beyond Benign, Inc.
Director of K-12 Education
Director of K-12 Education
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Conference Attendee
Chemical Education Xchange
ChemEd X impersonator, used for testing
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Scott Balicki
Boston Latin School, Boston, MA
ACCT Assessing for Change in Chemical Thinking
Studying the means to use formative assessment to uncover students' chemical thinking.
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Jenelle Ball
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John Baluyut
Megan Bartley
Dana Beatty
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Barbara Besal
First Colonial High School
Virginia Beach City Public Schools
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Bonnie Bloom
Hilliard Davidson High School
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Jared Breakall
Purdue University
Corina Brown
Nicole Burcar
Sylvester Burton
Georgia State University
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Samantha Carney
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David Carter
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Sharon Cates
Capital High School, Boise Idaho
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Andrea Christianson
Milton High School Milton, WI
High School Chemistry Teacher
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Kurt Colling
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Matt Cross
Sharon Farrell
Leonard Freidhof's picture
Leonard Freidhof
Eastland High School - Lanark Il
If I can't model it, I don't know it.
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Jakob Gailitis
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Jason Gulledge
Stephanie Gutshall's picture
Stephanie Gutshall
South Fayette High School, McDonald, PA
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Helaine Hager
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Greg Hambley
Medway H.S. - Arva, ON Canada
Bernadette Harkness
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Stephanie Harman
Susan Hauenstein
Stanwood High School (Stanwood, WA)
Jan Hermansen's picture
Jan Hermansen
South Summit High School, UT
Supporting Jr. and 7th grade children in activities, reading, sewing/quilting, teaching
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Deborah Herrington
Grand Valley State University
Clara Heyder
Melissa Highfill
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Thomas Holme
Iowa State University
Improved measurements are the first step to improved student learning.
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Jon Holmes
Chemical Education Xchange
University of Wisconsin–Madison, Emeritus
central should be easier to learn and teach
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Jeremy Horner
Carmel High School, Carmel, IN
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Dana Hsi
International Community School, WA State
Trying to teach the way Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks.
Janyce Huff
Van Andel Education Institute
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W. Cary Kilner
University of New Hampshire
Retired HS chemistry teacher; working on how to assist life-science students in negotiating Chem-Math
Jo King's picture
Jo King
Heritage High School, Frisco, TX
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Martina Kroll
Cistercian Preparatory School, Irving, TX
Thomas Kuntzleman's picture
Thomas Kuntzleman
Spring Arbor University
Chemical Educator, science experimenter, entropy generator
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Cheryl Lavoie
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Cheryl Litman
Michele Lumsden's picture
Michele Lumsden
Marian Marley
Teresa Marx's picture
Teresa Marx
Weymouth High School (Weymouth, MA)
I use Modeling Instruction in my general Chemistry classes. I also teach Organic and Biochemistry electives. I'm hoping to implement standards-based grading next year.
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Elizabeth Megonigal
Huntingtown High School, Huntingtown, MD
Jeremy Meisinger's picture
Jeremy Meisinger
Glenbard South High School
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Louise Meyer
St. Joseph Catholic Academy
Erika Mills's picture
Erika Mills
Paul Mollinger's picture
Paul Mollinger
Ronni Morrissey's picture
Ronni Morrissey
Rick Nelson's picture
Rick Nelson
Co-Author, Calculations In Chemistry (W.W.Norton), Website and blog at www.ChemReview.Net
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Marteen Nolan
Crocker R-2 High school
Stephanie O'Brien's picture
Stephanie O'Brien
Commack High School, New York
NSTA AACT STANYS- Chemistry SAR IB Chemistry Teacher
Kevin O'Halloran
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Marcos Perez
Anna Pierce's picture
Anna Pierce
Erica Posthuma's picture
Erica Posthuma
University High School of Indiana
American Modeling Teachers Association
High School Chemistry teacher using Modeling Instruction.
Doug Ragan's picture
Doug Ragan
Hudsonville Public Schools, Hudsonville, MI, ChemEdX, AACT, Classkick Mentor Teacher
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Jessica Reed
Scott Robowski's picture
Scott Robowski
Erin Rouse's picture
Erin Rouse
Desert View HS
Sherri Rukes's picture
Sherri Rukes
Libertyville High School
AACT President-elect
Polymer Ambassador
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Gregory Rushton
Stony Brook University
Journal of Chemical Education
Chemistry professor interested in studying science teacher leadership formation and development
Suzanne Ryals's picture
Suzanne Ryals
Escambia County School District - Ferry Pass Middle School and Pensacola High School
All Who Wander Are Not Lost
Cristina Sacco's picture
Cristina Sacco
Wake Technical Community College (Raleigh, NC)
Emine Sahin
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John Samonie
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Susan Schmidt
Ariel Serkin's picture
Ariel Serkin
Norfolk County Agricultural High School
Hannah Sevian's picture
Hannah Sevian
University of Massachusetts Boston
Chemistry professor studying how students use chemistry to solve real-world problems, and ways that chemistry teachers guide classroom talk in formative assessment.
Heather Shafer
David Shelton's picture
David Shelton
Timpview High School
Wendy Snow's picture
Wendy Snow
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Catherine Spinney
Michele Sprengnether's picture
Michele Sprengnether
Gerri StClair's picture
Gerri StClair
Sullivan South High School, Kingsport, TN
Marc Stephenson's picture
Marc Stephenson
Saugus High School, Saugus, CA
Michelle Stinnett's picture
Michelle Stinnett
BFA St Albans, VT
Matthew Stoltzfus's picture
Matthew Stoltzfus
The Ohio State University
Courtney Struck
Eric Sullenberger's picture
Eric Sullenberger
Blake Thompson
Melissa VanAlstine-Parris's picture
Melissa VanAlst...
Adelphi University
Mary VanOpstal's picture
Mary VanOpstal
Harper College
Sergio Velazquez
Millennium HIgh School, Goodyear, Arizona
High School Chemistry Teacher
D Walker's picture
D Walker
Laura Wang
Kelly Warner's picture
Kelly Warner
Garrett Wenzelburger
Charles Wolf's picture
Charles Wolf
Lutheran HS North - Chemistry Instructor, Macomb Community College - Adjunct Professor
Grazyna Zreda's picture
Grazyna Zreda
Tanque Verde High School, Tucson AZ
High School Chemistry teacher, Dual Enrollment instructor, Chemistry Club sponsor
Amanda Zullo's picture
Amanda Zullo