Chemistry Instruction for the Next Generation

Monday, May 8, 2017 to Saturday, May 27, 2017
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This conference is now closed. However, if you registered for the conference, then you can still log in and access the materials. 

The Journal of Chemical Education has a long history of supporting practitioners of high quality chemistry instruction. As a world leader in the publication of primary research in chemical education as well as a source of many practical ideas for teaching chemistry, JCE provides both broad and deep coverage of teaching and learning the central science. Greg Rushton and Deanna Cullen are JCE Associate Editors who support high school chemistry teachers as they work toward aligning their teaching and assessment practices with modern standards. This virtual conference, Chemistry Instruction for the Next Generation, is intended to understand how chemistry educators and chemistry education researchers can work together to improve the quality of instruction across diverse learning environments at the secondary and postsecondary levels. We invite you to join and contribute to the conversation thereby helping to close the gap between research and practice!

The conference presenters have been selected from those who have recently published articles, activities, laboratories, and research concerning student-centered instruction in the Journal of Chemical Education. Using the ChemEd X Conference format allows JCE authors to augment their published articles with additional resources that might not be presented well within the JCE publication platform and to also include what they may have learned during the time since publication. In addition, the original article and augmented materials presented can be discussed with the other conference attendees. We wish to explore the implications these conversations might have for the chemistry education community and how the stakeholders can work together to inform decisions as we move toward improved chemistry education practice.

A message from the organizers:

We are excited to welcome you to this inaugural virtual conference, Chemistry Instruction for the Next Generation. We know that many high school teachers are struggling to incorporate active learning methods into their courses and also assess the conceptual understanding of their students. It is our hope that this conference will increase the dialogue between all stake holders and serve to help bridge the gap between research and practice. 

If you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions in terms of this conference in general, please comment below. We will leave this page open for comments during the entire conference. We would like to offer more conferences of this type, so we will appreciate your help in building the policies and procedures for making this platform meaningful for all involved. Suggestions for future conference themes will be appreciated.

We hope that you will find this conference to be benificial to your practice. Thank you for your participation.

Gregory Rushton and Deanna Cullen


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Deanna Cullen

Chemical Education Xchange
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Gregory Rushton

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Journal of Chemical Education

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