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Wednesday, January 1, 2020 to Tuesday, December 31, 2030
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Welcome to the ChemEd X Team Resource! This space has been developed in response to contributors that asked for a collaborative space. This page is for announcements, but feel free to make suggestions and ask questions.

Other pages / sessions within this ChemEd X Team Conference offer resources that are intended to support you. The ChemEd X Contributor Lounge is available for contributors to relax, get to know each other, look for inspiration, support other team members, find others to collaborate, ask questions and more. 

You may have other ideas for this space or the associated pages. You are invited to make suggestions by commenting below. Some contributors have mentioned wanting a page to specifically collaborate on assessment items or activities. We can easily add individual pages for that purpose.  

Please visit the Welcome to ChemEd X Team Conference page for information about facilitating the conference and resources. You can access the welcome page and all of the available sessions from the table below.

Please sign into your account. Mark the green ATTEND button to the right of the ChemEd X Team Resource title above. (If the gold LEAVE box is the view you see, then you are already attending.) This will allow you to receive notifications of announcements and other discussion that takes place on this page. 

In order to view all of the content of the pages / sessions and to follow / engage in the discussion, you need to choose ATTEND on the list of sessions near the bottom of this page. I have included the image in figure 1 to show you what that will look like. (If you scroll down and cannot see the actual list of sessions, you are likely not logged in or attending the "conference".)

    Figure 1: ChemEd X Team Resource Sessions. Please choose the ATTEND option for these sessions.


Scroll down to the session list below.

If you are currently attending a session, you will instead see a Leave button. By clicking the Leave button, you will leave the session and no longer receive notifications from that page. 

NOTE: Please note that at this time, the account information for this platform is not linked to your ChemEd X account. If you move to the ChemEd X site, you may have to log into that other account.



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