Conference Attendees

Attending: 122

Rose McGuire's picture
Rose McGuire
MaryAlice Adah's picture
MaryAlice Adah
Marcus Aguilar's picture
Marcus Aguilar
Badriya Al-Monthery
Ministry of Education (Oman)
Chemistry teacher
Melissa Anderson's picture
Melissa Anderson
Kate Anderson's picture
Kate Anderson
Beyond Benign, Inc.
Director of K-12 Education
Director of K-12 Education
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Jan Apotheker
Conference Attendee's picture
Conference Attendee
Chemical Education Xchange
ChemEd X impersonator, used for testing
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Jennifer Babbin
Allison Babij
Jenelle Ball's picture
Jenelle Ball
Heather Barbash
Detroit Country Day School
Loyd Bastin
Sharon Beck
Juan Betancourt's picture
Juan Betancourt
Cindy Binnie
Bonnie Bloom's picture
Bonnie Bloom
Hilliard Davidson High School
Elizabeth Blue
Campbell University
Delores Bray
Sharon Cates's picture
Sharon Cates
Capital High School, Boise Idaho
Bradley Cauthers's picture
Bradley Cauthers
Ito Chao
Inst. of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
Elizabeth Christophy's picture
Elizabeth Christophy
Leah Cook
Shelley Cook
Phillip Cook's picture
Phillip Cook
Culver Academies
Richard Cooper's picture
Richard Cooper
Beyond Benign
Thames Valley DSB Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS
Science Department Head and Chemistry Teacher
High School Chemistry Teacher by Profession, Robotics Mentor, Basketball and Football Coach by Passion
Tiffini Cornock's picture
Tiffini Cornock
Carver Middle High School
Stephen Costanza
Beyond Benign
Whitesboro High School
New York Master Teacher Program
Jennifer Cox
Amanda Crisostomo
Deanna Cullen's picture
Deanna Cullen
Chemical Education Xchange
Whitehall High School-Retired
Veteran high school chemistry teacher, ChemEd X Editor, ACS DivChed Member at Large
Anna Cynar
Dolores Dang-Wright
Dana Hills High School
Kristen Das
Abigail Davidson's picture
Abigail Davidson
Raks Derival's picture
Raks Derival
Innovation Academy Charter School
Beyond Benign
Lurea Doody's picture
Lurea Doody
Sharla Dowding
Tanya Elmer
Mollie Enright's picture
Mollie Enright
Beyond Benign, Inc.
Program Manager, K-12 & Community Engagement
Kathy Flynn
John Galisky's picture
John Galisky
Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow—Capitol Hill
Lompoc High School STaRS Academy
Nicholas Georges's picture
Nicholas Georges
Greg Hambley
Megan Hart
Susan Hauenstein
Stanwood High School (Stanwood, WA)
Jean Hein's picture
Jean Hein
Dan Herbeck's picture
Dan Herbeck
Melissa Herman
Claudia Herrera-Herrera's picture
Claudia Herrera...
Universidad de la Costa
Green chemistry, waste management
Jessica Hing
Jon Holmes's picture
Jon Holmes
Chemical Education Xchange
University of Wisconsin–Madison, Emeritus
central should be easier to learn and teach
Barbara Hopkins's picture
Barbara Hopkins
NH Department of Education
Director of Science Education
Paul House's picture
Paul House
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Lissa Howe
William Huang
Reuben Hudson's picture
Reuben Hudson
Colby College, Waterville, Maine, USA
Technical University of Graz, Graz, Austria
RIKEN, Wakoshi, Japan,
Education, materials, and processes toward a sustainable future
Patricia Hudson's picture
Patricia Hudson
Glenn Hurst's picture
Glenn Hurst
University of York
Assistant Professor in Chemical Education specialising in Green Chemistry Education
Al Innes's picture
Al Innes
Adam Jarrett
London Central Secondary School
Cassidy Javner's picture
Cassidy Javner
Shakopee High School
Beyond Benign, Inc.
Elizabeth Jensen's picture
Elizabeth Jensen
Aquinas College
Nurul Kasyfita's picture
Nurul Kasyfita
The University of Auckland
A chemistry educator from East Kalimantan, Indonesia, currently a PhD student in The University of Auckland. Interest in green chemistry and chemical literacy
Ji Kim
Kamatchi Narayan's picture
Kamatchi Narayan
Ann Lambert
Susan Leite
Cheryl Litman's picture
Cheryl Litman
Amy Lumley
Vaso Lykourinou
Alex Madonik's picture
Alex Madonik
Marian Marley
Andrea Martin
Carol Martinez
Donna McClaugherty
Sheldon ISD
Educator! Always been and always will be.
Craig McClure
Drexel University
Natalie Messano
Marquette Senior High School
Mandy Migchels
Shelly Miller
Paul Montbriand's picture
Paul Montbriand
Eric Nash's picture
Eric Nash
Tom Neils
Alissa Nevin's picture
Alissa Nevin
Dripping Springs High School
Chemistry Teacher
Trang Nguyen
Stephanie O'Brien's picture
Stephanie O'Brien
Commack High School, New York
NSTA AACT STANYS- Chemistry SAR IB Chemistry Teacher
Tanner Opple's picture
Tanner Opple
Koby Osei-Mensah
Maria Pacheco's picture
Maria Pacheco
Marcos Perez's picture
Marcos Perez
Erica Posthuma's picture
Erica Posthuma
University High School of Indiana
American Modeling Teachers Association
High School Chemistry teacher using Modeling Instruction.
Holly Potters's picture
Holly Potters
Doug Raynie
Laura Reyes
Chemical Institute of Canada
Leslie Rhinehart's picture
Leslie Rhinehart
Gisele Rubino
Sherri Rukes's picture
Sherri Rukes
Libertyville High School
AACT President-elect
Polymer Ambassador
Courtney Sasin
Angeline Sauer's picture
Angeline Sauer
Susan Schmidt's picture
Susan Schmidt
Heather Shafer
Katherine Shaffer's picture
Katherine Shaffer
Penn State Shenango
Tina Silva's picture
Tina Silva
Greater Lawrence Technical School
STEAM Biotechnology Instructor
Linda Smith's picture
Linda Smith
Central New Mexico Community College
Chemistry Instructor, part time. Science Lab Technician, full time.
Jennifer Soukhome's picture
Jennifer Soukhome
Jedidiah Spurgeon's picture
Jedidiah Spurgeon
Ralph Stuart's picture
Ralph Stuart
Keene State College
Eric Sullenberger's picture
Eric Sullenberger
Louise Summerton's picture
Louise Summerton
Debra Sweet
Passaic Manchester REgional HS
Charles Swor's picture
Charles Swor
Taylor Tarbutton
Adrian Thompson's picture
Adrian Thompson
EJM Paris, France
Middle school and IB Chemistry
Dana Wadnola's picture
Dana Wadnola
Beyond Benign
Whitesboro High School Biology & Chemistry Teacher
NYS Master Teacher
Jake Walpole
Melony Walsh
Katie Wibby's picture
Katie Wibby
Jane Wissinger's picture
Jane Wissinger
University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry
NSF CCI-Center for Sustainable Polymers
Curriculum Development Specialist and Advocate for Green Chemistry & Sustainable Polymers for the College and High School Classrooms
Erin Woulfe
Meg Young