Conference Policies

ChemEd X Conferences require that all attendees make their best effort to comply with the following conference policies. Doing so will insure that all attendees feel respected and welcome and that the conference will uphold the values of cordiality and scientific discourse.

  1. Conference attendees must register using their real names, provide a recent picture of themselves, and specify their affiliations.
  2. Conference attendees may be contacted by other attendees of the conference. Such contact is done using a service of ChemEd X Conferences in such a way as to not reveal your conference email address or other sensitive information.
  3. Conference attendees must keep their comments and discussion on topic. Comments not germane to the discussion may be edited or removed by the conference organizers or administrators.
  4. Conference materials may be copyright and if so are not to be distributed without prior consent of the copyright holders.

ChemEd X Conferences thanks you for attending our conferences and respecting our policies. If you feel other policies should be established or existing policies have been violated, please contact the conference organizers or administrators using the contact form found at the link to their profiles. All such correspondence is confidential, but will be shared among the organizers and administrators of ChemEd X Conferences.