Attending a Conference Session

So, you have signed up at ChemEd X Conferences and you see a conference session that you would be interested in attending. In order to attend a session, you need to be wearing your conference badge, which means that you have signed in with your account and you have uploaded a picture of yourself at your account profile. Everyone attending a session will display their 'badge' with their name, affiliation, and picture on the conference session page.

If you are wearing your badge, when you navigate to a conference session, you will see an Attend button. To attend the session, click the Attend button. By attending the session, you will be given access to the session presentation and be sent via email the discussion of the presentation. 

If you are currently attending a session, you will instead see a Leave button. By clicking the Leave button, you will leave the conference session and no longer receive notifications about the conference session.

We plan to add Twitter and Facebook support so that conference sessions may be followed at Twitter by following the conference session hashtag and at Facebook by using the ChemEd X Conferences Facebook page.