Attending a Conference

A ChemEd X Conference is a virtual conference, so your attendance is also virtual. To attend a ChemEd X Conference you must register an account at the site ('Sign up') and be signed in to that account. Once you have registered and are signed in, click the Attend button next to the conference title of the conference you wish to attend.

Before you can attend a ChemEd X Conference you must sign up and register. If you have not already signed up or if you have signed up previously and are not signed in, you will see links in the upper right of the page: ' Sign in' and ' Sign up'. Click the ' Sign up' link to register an account at ChemEd X Conferences. Further instructions can be found at the Conference Registration page.

If you have previously created an account at ChemEd X Conferences, you must sign in to that account to attend a conference. Use the ' Sign in' link, specify your user name or email address and password, and sign in. Upon successful sign in you should be able to enter conference sessions by clicking the links to those sessions.

By attending a conference, you are agreeing to abide by our conference policies. Failure to do so may result in your account being blocked from access to the conferences.